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Sadra Hotel Is Located at the center of Shiraz.The city of poetry and literature. Shiraz with its ancient historical places recounts the antiquity of Iran's civilization. Tourists who visit iran cannot resist the enticement of visiting Shiraz and they include this city among the necessary parts of their plans.

We are located at the city central, where banks, Trade Centers ,Main Bazar and the historical builings of Zandieh are located. Sadra hotel's distance in minutes to some of most important places in shiraz :

Sadra Hotel, One of the most Cheap and Clean hotels in shiraz, Nearby Nasir Al-mulk's Mosque , Vakil's Mosque, Vakil's Bazar, Vakil's Bath And
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20" Airport

40" Train

10" Saadi's Tomb

15" Hafez Tomb

60" Persepolis

Sadra Hotel

The Nasir al-Molk Mosque is located in city of shiraz and built in period  of kingdoms qajar by nasir al-mulk
the nasir al-mulk mosque has to seraglio and this is division two part , eastward and westward
eastward on has tiled sanctuary along 12 columns also this has window colorful glasses with reflection colored light and this cause of the beauty of mosque among other mosque of iran

Persepolis (Greek, literally meaning "The city of the Persians"), also known as Takht-e-Jamshid (Modern Persian: تخت جمشید, literally meaning "the throne of Jamshid"), was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550–330 BC).

Persepolis is situated 60 km northeast of the city of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran. The earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC. It exemplifies the Achaemenid style of architecture. UNESCO declared the ruins of Persepolis a World Heritage Site in 1979
and also sadrahotel has tour for shiraz to Persepolis

Heart Of

Ancient World


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Sadra restaurant opening
Sadra restaurant opening

Sadra restaurant reopened with a variety of food

The hotel is located in shiraz close to the market few minutes walks need to cross the road (be careful when crossing the road) lots of traditional restaurants, hotels (a big hotel is been built in front of Sadra Hotel and it might be ready next year). Shiraz Sadra Hotel is an average 2 stars, but clean and all rooms are air conditioned. The hotel has an average size Cafe in ground floor including one billiard table and serving snacks, also it has breakfast area in the same floor. All floors having security cameras and WIFI (you need to by access from the reception - but not always good!) friendly staff but nearly all of them speak one language only (Persian!). All room reservations including free breakfast.

The hotel is a walking distance far from some historical sites like the fort of Karim Zand and also Bazaar Vakeel. A big hospital is few minutes far from the hotel (Saadi hospital). At night the area near the hotel became street bazaar (people selling goods on the street). It is recommended to get local mobile SIM cards to benefit from Internet packages (there is two shops near the hotel) the idea is to use Whatsup to make international calls (much cheaper than normal calls and the speed is 4G ).

In general it is a nice hotel, nice & quite area. The people in Iran are friendly and helpful. This is my second time in this hotel and definitely won't be the


 Sadra Hotel Is Located In Old Shiraz Central Place



Отель Садра
Отель Садра

Отель Садра расположен в Иране, в центральной части провинции Фарс, в историческом центре города Шираз, по адресу бульвар Занд, улица Рудаки. Это отель категории две звезды, в помещении отеля, на первом этаже находиться ресторан (завтрак и ужин). Также на територии отеля действует Кофе Шоп

 (Цены: - одноместный номер (27EUR
    - двухместный номер с двухспальной кроватью (44EUR)
    - двухместный номер с раздельными кроватями  ( 44EUR)
    - трехместный номер (59EUR)
    -  двухместный + дополнительная кровать ( 70EUR)
    -  Сьют (75 EUR)
Все номера имеют не ограниченый доступ к интернету. 
Отель Садра разположен возле исторической части города Шираз, возле замка Карим Хан, исторического рынка Вакиль (15 мин пешком), мечети Насир Ал-Молк (20 мин пешком), в  ( 25 мин пешкои ) от зеркальной мечети Шах Черах, гобницы Хафэз (15 мин пешком), Персполис и Пасаргад (60 мин пешком).


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